Specialty Programs

Cardiac Management Program

Increasing patient and caregiver knowledge of cardiac disease and recovery. We ensure that the patient and caregiver comply with the medication regimen and rehabilitation program prescribed by their physician. Decrease the incidence of a patient’s hospitalization and need for emergency care.

Wound Care

The goal is to increase patient independence and comfort with proper wound management. Increasing patient and family knowledge of wound care, as well as the prevention of future wounds reduces the incidence of wound recurrence, wound complications, and infection.

Diabetes Management

Establish independence and management of diabetes and medications. Help patients increase their ability to control diabetes. Nursing staff instructs on safe medication administration, evaluates home safety, and encourages patients to have a good quality of life with disease.

Palliative Support Program

The primary goals of the Palliative Care team are to manage symptoms for patient comfort, and to enable patients and families to successfully manage care at home. The team consists of Palliative-certified Nurse Practitioners, specially trained nurses, social workers, and home health aides.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

COPD Program: Our Altus COPD Program goal is to establish independence and management of COPD and medications. This helps patients increase their ability to manage activities of daily living. The care team instructs on safe medication administration, evaluates home safety, and improve functional mobility and energy conversation.


Altus took wonderful care of me when my health deteriorated. The nurses were knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable managing my diabetes.

John T

The nurse’s healed my wound with no complications. Thanks Altus!!

Sharon W

Both the home health nurse and physical therapist were very professional, courteous and extremely patient with my husband, who at times can be very difficult. I would most certainly recommend Altus Home Health Care based on the care my husband received.

Helen T

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